Online Conference

This online conference will help you to overcome the barriers caused by Covid-19, tackling the challenges of polypharmacy and combatting the mounting pressures facing you and your colleagues. Attend this interactive forum with

Designed for established and aspiring independent and non-medical prescribers and log off feeling motivated and armed with best practice procedures.

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Driving Forward Independent Prescribing Practices
Online 5 hours From £249+VAT

5 hours Continuing Professional Development: what you will learn

Take away practical approaches to your challenges and progress the necessary advances in your service:

  • Evaluate the effect of Covid-19 antibiotic resistance and how you can make a positive difference
  • Streamline your prescription procedures during times of high demand
  • Ensure collaboration between secondary and primary services to improve efficiency
  • Optimise your virtual prescribing to ensure timely access to medicine
  • Deliver safe and effective medication reviews to improve patients’ quality of care
  • Build your legal competencies and responsibilities to avoid common errors

Attend this online NHS event from the comfort of your own home

Update your best practice and focus on all aspects of independent prescribing, plus benefit from:

  • Meeting each other – turning on your videos and microphones in the breakout rooms
  • Listening and watching presentations and speakers’ Q&A – in the main conference room with a chair
  • Taking part in facilitated interactive sessions – enabled by moderators in the breakout rooms
  • Feeding back and engaging – using the chat box and moderators sharing content in the main conference room
Join, tech support and opportunity to network in breakout rooms
Introduction, instructions and chair’s opening remarks
Jane Portlock, Professor of Pharmacy Postgraduate Education, Director of Pharmacy, University of Sussex
National updates for 2021
Standards for prescribing programmes: becoming ‘prescribing ready’
  • How will prescribing develop and grow in line with the national initiatives?
  • Demonstrating the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to become a prescriber
  • Ensuring you can demonstrate competency and understand your prescribing limits
Claire May, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, University of Sussex
Improving prescribing practices
Guidance for structured medication reviews and medicines optimisation
  • A national process for conducting medication review and medicines reconciliation
  • How to prioritise complex or problematic polypharmacy, care homes and housebound patients
  • Adopting the ‘detect, protect and perfect’ in primary settings to optimise treatment pathways: reducing inequalities and managing long-term conditions
Lizzie Corteville, Locality Lead Pharmacist, West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group
Your questions and answers with Claire May and Lizzie Corteville
Interactive discussion: How can your service optimise their virtual prescribing?
Breaking into small groups to discuss and share your experiences on this important topic with your fellow attendees
Screen break
Interactive discussion session feedback: optimising your virtual prescribing
Moderators will go on screen to feedback what has been discussed and learnt in the individual breakout rooms. Whilst the presenters are speaking, you can feedback your comments and questions using the chat box function.
Prioritising professional wellbeing
Managing the pressures of independent prescribing and ensuring effective support networks
  • Recognising and overcoming the challenges of your role under the pressures of the pandemic
  • Tools to manage stress and anxiety in the workplace: identifying when to seek help
  • Improving communication and collaboration when working with your supervisors
Christine Steel, Founder & CEO, Mind Health And Wellbeing Limited
Your questions and answers with Christine Steel
Interactive discussion: Developing practical approaches to deprescribing to improve patient outcomes
Opportunity for attendees to share their experiences in meeting rooms, then return to the main conference to feedback via the chat function.
Screen lunch break
Interactive discussion session feedback: Developing practical approaches to deprescribing to improve patient outcomes
Moderators will go on screen to feedback what has been discussed and learnt in the individual breakout rooms. Whilst the presenters are speaking, you can feedback your comments and questions using the chat box function.
Legal issues and clinical negligence
Exploring the legal aspects of prescribing to avoid errors
  • Clarification of legal aspects of non-medical prescribing
  • How to manage mistakes: knowing the next steps and learning from errors
  • Exploring examples that incurred legal actions and investigating the outcomes
Nick Cheesman, Legal Officer & Solicitor, Royal College of Nursing
Interactive discussion session: How to avoid regular errors which can lead to referral to the NMC?
Opportunity for attendees to share their experiences in meeting rooms, then return to the main conference to feedback via the chat function.
Screen break
Interactive discussion session feedback: How to avoid regular errors which can lead to referral to the NMC?
Moderators will go on screen to feedback what has been discussed and learnt in the individual breakout rooms. Whilst the presenters are speaking, you can feedback your comments and questions using the chat box function.
Tackling professional challenges and maintaining competencies
  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society Competency frameworks and keeping competencies up-to-date
  • What do the standards mean for IPs? Ensuring that you’re up-to-date and fully competent
  • Ensuring you can demonstrate competency and understanding your prescribing limits
Fiona Peniston-Bird, Prescribing Programme Lead for Nurses, Medway School of Pharmacy, University of Greenwich
Your questions and answers with Nick Cheesman and Fiona Peniston-Bird
Chair’s final remarks
Close of conference

Your speaker line-up

Learn tactics of how to reactivate good prescribing habits and improve patient health literacy with:

Job Title:
Professor of Pharmacy Postgraduate Education
University of Sussex

As a pharmacist, postgraduate tutor for pharmacists and an academic, Jane Portlock has spent a number of years creating and delivering education, initially at undergraduate and postgraduate level at the University of Portsmouth and then at the University College London School of Pharmacy.

These education roles have led to the development of research interests and numerous PhD projects in pharmacy education such development of peer mentors, the role of simulation in undergraduate pharmacy, development of placement education using the “Pharmacy Live” concept of immersive education, the place of professional leadership in undergraduate education, development and evaluation of new roles for pharmacy, development and evaluation of psychological approaches to helping people make healthy choices and the evaluation of the concept of Healthy Living Pharmacy.

Jane has recently moved to a new role at the University of Sussex, as Professor and Director of Pharmacy Postgraduate Education, a post with a broad remit to create innovative education tailored to the needs of pharmacists, and other health care professionals to help them develop skills to meet needs of patients in the current and future NHS.

The first programme will be a PgC in Prescribing and Enhanced Clinical Skills for pharmacists, starting in October 2018, subject to validation and GPhC accreditation.

Job Title:
Locality Lead Pharmacist
West Hampshire CCG

Liz has been qualified as a pharmacist for 33 years. For the first ten years, she worked in hospital pharmacy running a Medicines Information Centre for healthcare professionals and providing a clinical service to medical wards. Liz has a special interest in cardiovascular medicine and care of the elderly.

For the last 20 years she has worked in primary care, working with GPs and practice nurses to provide medicines optimisation services to patients across West Hampshire CCG. She helps lead a team of around 35 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in GP practices. Liz is passionate about patient safety and has managed several campaigns within the CCG to optimise medicines and deprescribe problematic drugs in the context of inappropriate polypharmacy, especially in the frail elderly.

60 Second Interview

Question :What has been your route into the industry?

Answer :The first part of my career was spent in hospital pharmacy with a special interest in Elderly Care, Cardiovascular Medicine and Medicines Information. I have been working with GPs in Primary Care optimising medicines for over 20 years now. In those pioneering days, the role of the primary care pharmacist was completely new.

Question :Why have you become involved in your particular specialisation?

Answer :I have a passion for patient safety and the elderly have much to gain from high quality comprehensive medication review services which include deprescribing inappropriate medicines.

Question :What do you consider to be the biggest challenge at the moment and why?

Answer :The workload and pressures in general practice mean that medication review is often not given the importance it deserves. Many elderly people living with frailty are taking too many medicines and are at risk of harm from them.

Question :What do you consider to be the biggest threat at the moment and why?

Answer :The growing lack of availability of generic medicines due to Brexit.

Question :Who will be most interested in the subject matter of the conference and in particular, your topic?

Answer :Prescribers interested in knowing more about Polypharmacy and Deprescribing, particularly in the frail elderly.

Question :What do you expect your delegates to “take away” with them at the end of the conference?

Answer :• Continuing to promote comprehensive medication review & deprescribing is a worthwhile patient safety activity and contributes positively in the 5-year WHO Patient Safety Challenge • Deprescribing forms an essential part of tackling inappropriate polypharmacy, reducing harm from medicines and reducing costs from over-prescribing (including avoidable hospital admissions) • Deprescribing is essential for managing the frail elderly • Provision needs to be made as part of frailty pathways for expert medication review and deprescribing services

Job Title:
Founder & CEO
Mind Health And Wellbeing Limited

Job Title:
Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice
University of Sussex

Job Title:
Legal Officer & Solicitor
Royal College of Nursing

Job Title:
Prescribing Programme Lead for Nurses, Medway School of Pharmacy,
University of Greenwich

Pricing structure

  • £299 + VAT for one NHS or public sector place
  • £249 + VAT (each) for two or three NHS or public sector places
  • £599 + VAT for one commercial organisation place
Commercial companies are also invited to sponsor this day please email Sarah Kemm for further details.

You can reserve a no-obligation place whilst you apply for funding

If your funding has not yet been secured or you would like to hold your place with no obligation whilst waiting for your study leave to be approved, you can reserve your place with us. Please email the reservations team at SBK Healthcare with your details:

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Practice sessions are available and you will be sent an invitation to join one of our delegate practice sessions. These are optional but great if you are unsure of whether your camera and microphone will work on Zoom. We hold several one hour practice sessions across the week when a member of SBK Healthcare staff will be waiting in Zoom to assist you. Please do pop in, say hello and make sure you are all set for the day.

On the day, when registration starts, you will be able to join the conference by initially entering a waiting room when there may be a short wait. In groups of between 6-10 people, you will be admitted into the main conference room to be greeted by a member of SBK staff. In the same group you will be taken into a breakout room and asked to turn on your video and microphone. A member of the SBK team will get your group started with some orientation tasks and ‘ice breaker’ topics, before leaving you to network.

When you are automatically brought back into the conference room for the start of the conference, you will be asked to turn off your camera and microphone so that the chair can start the forum. During each presentation you will be able to ask questions in the chat box function. The forum will include screen breaks, as well as topic themed interactive sessions which will take place in the breakout rooms.

Click here to view the specially created a 5-minute video that will walk you through how to get the most out of attending your SBK Healthcare interactive online forum.

Certification of attendance

A certificate for Continuing Professional Development will be given to every fully registered participant who completes the course, as a record of your continuing professional training and development.

Registration fees

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Event changes

It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the conference organisers to alter the content, speakers or the timing of the programme. We will endeavour to keep you abreast of such changes but any unavoidable change to the format will not constitute a reason to refund the fee. Should the event be postponed, we will endeavour to reschedule the event. If, for reasons beyond the control of the conference organiser, the event is cancelled, a full refund will be made. We do not accept any liability for any incurred costs resulting from a postponement or cancellation.

Privacy notice

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Expected attendees

Whether you are an independent prescriber or want to know how independent prescribing can be developed in your practice area, this forum will develop your knowledge and learning. Previously attended by Diabetes, Immunotherapy, Emergency, Ophthalmology, Pharmacy, Oncology and Chemotherapy specialists, the audience has included:

  • Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Trainee Advanced Nurse Practitioners
  • Advanced Clinical Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners
  • Non-Medical Prescribers and Clinical Specialist Nurses

Past attendee Feedback

Previously held on Thursday 20th May 2021, don’t take our word for how much the attendees enjoy this training:

"Enjoyed the content, flow and choice of speakers"

Medway School of Pharmacy, Driving Forward Independent Prescribing Practices, May 2021

"Seamless! Everything flowed well and the speakers where well placed together which enhanced the Q&A sessions"

Mind Health And Wellbeing Limited, Driving Forward Independent Prescribing Practices, May 2021

"Well organised and everything was flowing. It was very informative too"

Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust, Driving Forward Independent Prescribing Practices, May 2021

"Very informative. As a new prescriber, the course helped me with networking, stress management and gave me ideas of how to utilise my prescribing skills to expand my service"

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Driving Forward Independent Prescribing Practices, May 2021

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An online forum like no other…

A live event that will feature leading presentations, interactive breakout rooms, and compelling Q&A discussions

As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to present your product or service, be a ‘face’ of the event and meet your audience face-to-face to discuss their experiences, interests and key concerns.

To find out more about sponsorship contact Sarah Kemm on 01732 897788 or you can email Sarah. Your organisation could be sponsoring this forum today!

Branding, marketing and education opportunities include...

  • Your organisation featuring on this forum website as ‘sponsored by’; including your logo, promotional text and links to your URL
  • 5 minutes presentation time during the main conference and taking part in the related speaker Q&A
  • Unique opportunity for the sponsored presenter to moderate one of the interactive breakout rooms
  • Additional company representatives can attend the online conference and meet the attendees during the interactive sessions in the breakout rooms
  • Your logo or company name will be included in all correspondence we send to registrations and all promotional emails sent out when marketing
  • Your support and sponsorship will be recognised when you are thanked at the opening and closing of the online forum as well as your logo featuring on the opening and closing slides
  • All sponsors will receive a copy of the registration and attendee list
  • Plus: a one-off option to add your question to the registration form, asking if attendees would like to share their email address with you so you can keep them informed after the online forum

Sponsor this forum and be part of a quality interactive event...

But don't take our word for it. We have had some excellent feedback from attendees to the forums that have been held to date:

"Forum was managed extremely well, and very professional"

IAPT National Networking Online Forum 2021 - 21st January 2021

“I am sure like everyone else I was apprehensive with going online, not sure how we could network, the ability for all participant's to participate and the quality of the presentations - all my fears were diminished this turned in to be a great day, networking, leading and sharing still occurred and links still formed. The presentations were excellent and the quality of the forum and set up great and so easy to follow and timing excellent.”

Reduce Paediatric Emergency Attendance Online Conference – 8th October 2020

“The conference has been far more engaging than in a conference centre. This I think is because of the ability to participate in chat throughout and the use of the breakout discussions.” “Excellent day! Organisation was great - loved the break out rooms for chat. Virtual chat added another really useful way to interact during the day, which isn't available to us at the physical conferences.”

Leading Change in Clinical Coding Online Conference - 11th September 2020

"Very informative, lots of opportunity for discussions and very well organised virtually"

Providing Support for Children on Long Term Ventilation - Tuesday 9th March 2021

"I enjoyed the group chats networking listening to others experiences, I also like that there was a lead on each group so the chats were influenced and no awkward silences that can occur on web meets. I thought the larger talks were really good and easy to listen to."

Modernising Outpatient Services Online Conference – 16th September 2020

“This is my first experience of an online conference and thoroughly enjoyed it. Wasn't sure what to expect. Would recommend to colleagues to attend future events” “This has to be the best online conference I have been to, I really enjoyed the breakout rooms.”

Advancing Ulcer Care Management Online Forum – 29th September 2020

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